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11 October 2009 @ 04:08 pm


its been like a week since ive been on livejournal yikes ! ive been soo busy with school that i havent had time to catch up on anyy fandom/kpop stuff ):

wellllllll i got my elf packagee. but then i ordered another one and that came like two days ago. now i have to send in my other order so thats gonna take a long time too. so no haul video. well actually i might just do a summer haul video that i neglected to do LOL and then do the elf haul later.
OMG I GOT THE MISSHA FOUNDATION THING ! ITS AMAZINGGG. i decided to get it after i heard really good things about it from bubbi (aka bubzbeauty @ youtube). if you guys dont watch her videos i think you should LOL. i think ima do a review on thatt.
+ i found circle lenses for only 15 bucks so yesss <3 im spending too much money ! >.<

october10,2009 (yesterday)
i went to a mandatory rtc event for key clubb. if you guys are in cali/nevada/hawaii, i encourage you guys to join it. its soooooooooo much fun ! and no we do not make keys. its actually a really fun way to do community service which i gotta do anyways to graduate. so i was like why not do it a fun way ? so yes, JOIN. i force you to LOOOL. its seriously THAT fun. i almost lost my voice yesterday during the spirit battle hahaha.
and we get to go to six flags in november for the fall rally so another reason why you should join ! :D

afterwards, i went with my friends to the korean festival.
ahhaha omg there was a stage and a group of guys were performing again and again ! well dancing anyway. and then we walked aroundd and looked for food. this giant person dressed in a soju costume hugged me and i was like O_O LOL. so my friends asked me wats good since i was the one thats most obsessed for kpop. and i said the only one i see here that i know of is dubboki. so we got some. omggggg i dont like itt ): maybe its cus the pieces were NOT small and bitesized like in the variety shows. i was disappointed cus they looked so good on tv. so then we didnt find anything we wanted to eat so we went to a kbqq place but it was maddd expensive. we ended up walking to Tofu House which is a korean bbq place also. ahhhh it was sooooo goood <3 but they made our soup so spicy that we couldnt taste anything at all -_____-
afterwards we went into a korean market and i bought a shitload of food cus imma fatty ahhaha. then we left and saw this noraebang place which had a cue picture machine inside. IT SUCKS. omg its more expensive than cue pictures and it chooses the pictures for you. like they chose the ugliest ones outta the batch ughhh. so mad. and they turned out so uglyyy cus the lighting was stupid ):

thats all for noww (:
16 September 2009 @ 04:11 pm

though i usually hate hearing english version of korean (eventhough doushite isnt korean but wateverrr) songs, i love stevie hoang too much. so im gonna give it a chance.

if you guys wanna listen to some of stevie hoangs songs, you should try:
ex player

there are more of course, but those are just starters ahhaha.
oh yes ! uhm video haulll will be outtt today ? tomorrow ? sometime soooon ! LOL.
ily guys ! <3
14 September 2009 @ 06:19 pm
Photobucket Photobucket
taken aroundd august LOL

► so today i was doing review of algebra 1 for hwk. i was doing problems that involved f(x). i didnt realize it was the name of the sm group until i said it out loud LOL. i knew ive seen f(x) somewhere in math or science ! ahhaha oh mlia.

► kanye west is wack ! that was messed up wat he did to taylor swift.

► im thinking about doing a video of a summer/back to school haul. i got a lottt of stuff. but most of them are like random stuff not clothes ahahha. i wish i had more clothes ):

► i want to post pictures from my summer vacationn. but im quite lazy. ahhaha i dont like the codes you have to use to put up pics ! akdjsfsd ill do it eventually i guesss. or you can see them on my myspace.

► i signed up for a college class ! (: im gonna be taking psychology. idk why but i think its gonna be interesting. its only one class a week & i get college credit for it ! yayy ! plus my friend said that at the end of the course, the teacher hypnotises you ! ahhaha thats so scary.

► its getting colder hereee ! ):
10 September 2009 @ 05:02 pm

these were taken last week i think ? but yes those are my glasses.
i wear them when i get too lazy to put on my contacts. which is like everyday now. ahhahah phailll.

► soooo schoool sucksss. ahhahah except the part where you see the people you remember so much again. im pretty satisfied with my schedulee, except for AP world history. asfjalsdj omg i feel like the dumbest kid in theree. everyone seems to get everything the teacher is saying but im sitting there like huh ? theres this really cuute boy in my class tho ! :D my friend and i actually thought he was koreann. hes actually vietnamese but he looks sooooo korean. hes cuute (':

► i need mooooore clothessss ): i thought i already bought alot but its actually not enough. i feeel so sad LOL. im waiting until my rebate visa card comes back and then imma buy elf products ! :D i cant waitt.

► i think i should get back into the icon making thing again, but idk. i feel quite lazy and stressed out because of school. plus, ive been left in the dust LOL. i cant make wat you awesome artists make ):

► the jay/2pm issue is tearring up myyy heartt. i cant get over it. i just hope this thing blows over quickly and the netizens realized that theyve gone too far. this is not just a scandal, this is actually ruining someones career. it made me so sad when i read fanaccounts that said that jay couldnt even look at his mom since he was so sorry and ashamed. he shouldnt be the one thats ashamed. the person/people did this to him should. EVERYONE says things they dont mean. heck, in the US if you say you hate your country, its normal. i could write pages on how i feel right now, but i want to know wat you guys think as well <3

► im thinking about getting a paid account as well as more icon space. i wish there was a way to buy more icon space without having to upgrade my account >.< can anyone tell me more on paid accounts/icon space cus im too lazy to read through the livejournal rules and etc.
01 September 2009 @ 09:43 pm
► today my sisters, christina, and i went to bella terra (: we got CPK. omfg theyre soooo good im not even kidding. the blt pizza was awesome. and the fudge brownie sundae + red velvet cake = my death. jeeezz, i wanna go backk ! the people are nice :D

► mina just leftt for college an hour ago. earlier this year i was telling everyone how i couldnt wait for my sisters to leave. but i couldnt stop crying as she was leaving. its gonna be the same when mimi leaves ;_____;
my mom said this to us this summer before we came back to the US:
"you guys are sisters. youre still young. its natural that you guys fight but in reality, family ties cant be broken. you'll always need eachother."
ily mom <3

► school starts tomorrow ):
i dont know how summer went by so fast ! i dont want to go to school, but at least one of my bestfriends is in all of my classes. ahaha we're gonna get so sick of seeing eachother.
my schedule:
01 algebra two trig.
02 honors chem.
03 french 2
04 business academy
05 AP world history
06 english honors.

► i cant wait for B2ST to debut O___O aj's a cuutie (':

i should go to sleep. hopefully i wake up on time tomorrow ! <3 goodnight flist !
22 August 2009 @ 04:19 pm

TOMO <3 ugh wtf your so cuute.

tomo=sexy guy in redish muffler.
this song is cuute !

on another note,
im cleaning up my room. like completely. kasdjklajsd i didnt know i had so much crap in here.
20 August 2009 @ 07:40 pm
cuutest movie ever. not even kidding <3

today was registration for school. i found out my friend and i have the exact same schedule ! :D
and our last names both start with "d" so if we have to sit in alphabetical, then we'd be next to eachother. unless theres someone in between us D:
everyone looked so different ! LOL school is starting in like 12 days. i should really do my homework T__T

oh and i got a twitter !
tweet tweet ! www.twitter.com/tuyenbearr
15 June 2009 @ 08:02 pm
hey you guys, i just wanted to use this chance to say bye to everyone !
im gonna be going on vacation starting tomorrow.
ill be gone from june 16 till august 12.
imma miss everyone very much !
ill still be going on every now and then to check up on the fandoms LOL
i ♥ you guys ! (':

oh and this weekend, i went and shopped like crazy. and i got this really cuute dress:

i love it :D

♥ tuyen
08 June 2009 @ 05:46 pm
im like sick as hell, but i came across this on soompi and i thought i should share it with you guys.
junho is such a loser <3 and 2pm fandom is dirtyyyy (;

hi my name is 2pmCollapse )
07 June 2009 @ 06:17 pm
today is sunday, so that means i have school tomorrow.
five more days of school. nine days till i leave for vacation.
but i have finals all this week so ;____;
my sister and my cousin and i went to go buy some stuff today for the trip.
LOL i love buying travel size stuff. i dont even need alot of the stuff we bought but i bought them anyways cus theyre really cuute (':
im excited for the trip, but i HATE airplanes because i get really bad motionsickness.
so we bought motionsickness medicine for it. hopefully it works >.< cus i do not wanna be throwing up during the 19 hour flight T___T

lovers love, liars lieCollapse )